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BUFANTL is a diversified manual culture communication enterprise focusing on Macrame and integrating manual weaving, design, teaching and sales.
Our main business is to produce, process and sell Macrame products and Macrame DIY kits, such as flower pots, net bags, tapestries, key chains and other products. Our market is widely distributed and exported to Europe, America, South Africa and other regions. After years of wind and rain, BUFANTL has continuously improved its product system and quality management system to ensure that our products can bring you more benefits.
Adhering to the principle of "innovative design, excellent quality and high-quality service", we have established long-term cooperative relations with dozens of well-known brands with strong strength to grow together.
Now we have more powerful information network tools, and our partners will be all over the world!
We also need more partners to create good results together.
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Romantic & art life

Macrame technique has a long history. It can be traced back to ancient times. The ancients tied ropes and recorded events. Later, the knot method evolved and integrated into life. Macrame products advocate the lifestyle of "simplicity and freedom", which is a product with both artistic decoration and use value.
We have the following types of products:
Housewear&Furnishings, Personal belongings.


    Tapestry, Hanging Basket, Storage Rack, Dream Catcher, Mirror, Mat, Pillow, Festival Series

    Earrings, Bags, Key Chains, Pendants
  • Macrame DIY Kit

    DIY creative life

    Based on the knot, Macrame art derives various patterns and forms. It is unpredictable and all inclusive. It is an interesting leisure and entertainment activity. While cultivating temperament, it can also create a "free and fashionable" artwork, which is very suitable for friends' gatherings, parent-child time, enterprise group construction and other occasions. We have various Macrame DIY material packages with different difficulties, which are suitable for beginners, professional weavers and other users at different stages.

    Product Material Kit: the finished product is the designated product, and the material kit contains the accessories and operation instructions required for the product, which is suitable for beginners.

    General Material Kit: you can create any product freely. Thematerial kitcontains all kinds of accessories, which is suitable for amateurs.

    Customized Material Kit: you can customize the exclusivematerial kit according to the use needs, including instructions, etc.


    Imagine life

    Macrame products are diverse and widely used. We have an experienced team that can meet different customization needs. Only you can't imagine that there are no Macrame products that we can't realize.


    The beautiful experience of customers is our disdainful pursuit.
    • Anny Deng

      Bufantl's service is active and perfect, which is exactly what I need. The products are high-quality and cost-effective.
    • Fedor Korzhenkov

      They can always meet our creative needs and are our very important partners.
    • Ayesha IKram

      The product quality is high-quality, and the sales volume is among the best among all the products we sell.

    Macrame art Disseminator